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Podcasts that Rock

I used to listen to music in the car during my commute. I’d switch to talk radio occasionally for a change. What I’m really passionate about however is technology. None of the boring radio stations around here carry much technology-related radio for some reason. I think it’s an untapped market (OK, maybe it’s too small of a market…but Id’ listen!). Well, who cares now!? There are plenty of podcasts (or netcasts [1], if you prefer) available to make the commute something to look forward to (the house we’re building is closer to church, but I’m a little sad I’ll lose podcast-listening time! Can’t wait for the gas savings, though!). I try new ones out occasionally, but as it is I can scarcely keep current on the ones I listen to regularly. And that’s why I’m writing: to pass along the gems I’ve found; maybe you’ll like them, too. (All are available in iTunes’ podcast directory; search to find!)

Technology ‘casts:

Christian non-technology ‘casts:

Other ‘casts:

That’s most of ’em, at least the ones worth mentioning (this post is called Podcasts that Rock after all). If you can keep up with that list and still have time for more, you live too far away from work or you have way too much time on your hands! Or maybe you work somewhere you can listen to podcasts all day.

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#1 Comment By David Szpunar On May 22, 2007 @ 9:19 pm

I suppose I should post a disclaimer to my post — most of the podcasts above are pretty clean, most of the time. However, many of them are secular and some will occasionally use some family-inappropriate language. It’s usually few and far between, but depending on the ‘cast you might want to censor around the kids if you listen around them.

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driving home…

It’s interesting to me to hear about the different ways that people use their commute time. My husband is addicted to podcasts. I know other people like to listen to audio books, and many people spend time on their cell phones.  Finally, there…

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