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I Finally Got my Wife to WordPress: “Check Out” Library Gal!

My wife has been a social butterfly at several social networking sites for a while, but she’s finally ready to branch out with her own WordPress blog: LibraryGal.com: The life of a librarian [1]. Besides being a great wife and mother [2], she’s a librarian with a graduate education. When I want to find something, I’ll often let my laziness kick in and ask her a question, because she can find anything and enjoys doing it. She can even find my keys, pen, papers etc. when I misplace them, but that may just be the woman thing in general (just like losing them tends to be the a man thing :-) She even posted about the new toys [3] (software) she’s getting to play with at work, just for the occasion of me sending my tech friends over :-)

And remember, unsubscribing from a blog feed in your feed reader [4] is anonymous and even easier than unsubscribing from an email list, so there’s no harm in adding her blog for a trial run, right there alongside mine [5] and Nathan LaGrange’s [6] (unless you categorize your feeds by topic, of course). Subscribers even get free cake!*

*Not really, but it made you want to subscribe, right?