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And with that…I’m registered for MinistryTECH!

With one month left and heeding Tony’s warning [1] that it’s down to the wire [2], I finally registered for MinistryTECH [3]! I still have to book travel/hotel etc. but at least this takes care of the registration itself. I took care of the Roundtable registration the day it opened, so I’m at opposite ends of the spectrum! If you aren’t registered, I want to see you there so go do so :-) Instead of linking to the Roundtable website, I’m going to leave it as an exercise for you. It’s in many other posts on my blog, at at least one link above, and all over many other blogs I link to, so if you can’t find a link to the upcoming Church IT Roundtable, well, you’re not computer savvy enough to attend, sorry ;-)  (It’s so easy, that you may not be qualified even if you can find it!)