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Best Videos Ever for Facilities Managers – Or IT Managers!

The two videos that Tony Dye posted about the Juggling FMer [1] are quite possibly my two favorite videos of all time (although my wife would prefer I put our wedding video at the top I think :-) Although related to Facilities Management, they apply equally well in most cases to Information Technology, and are thus quite hilarious to anyone in either field! Must-watch! We were treated to these videos by Clif Guy [2] at last Fall’s Church IT Roundtable, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting their further availability as I have several people, including Lakeview’s own Facilities Manager (“FMer”), who I want to show them to! Thanks to Dick Cooper, the juggler himself, as well as to Clif Guy [2] and Tony Dye [3] for sharing and putting these things online!

What is Facilities Management?

(View Video 1 directly on YouTube [4] – makes full-screen option available)

Metaphors using sharp objects, plus “The Howling FMer”

(View Video 2 directly on YouTube [5] – makes full-screen option available)