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Appreciation: Feels Good!

in: People

I’m contracted out to another office one day a week to work on their computers like I do at Lakeview. Usually I’m there on Thursdays, but this week it was today, Wednesday. As an IT guy, I’m used to hearing from people when things don’t work. I’ll get compliments on how well I’m doing after I’ve just fixed a problem (even general comments, not just about that problem) from people at both offices, but like sound guys and video guys, “if it’s going well, you’re doing your job.” Comes with the territory; how often do you think about things you don’t even notice usually? I’m fortunate to have bosses/managers/leaders that do notice what I do and are extremely understanding and satisfied and do vocalize their appreciation often, but it doesn’t always happen at the user level on a regular basis.

This morning, however, one of the people that works in this office stopped by my desk and said something to the effect of, “David, it’s been great ever since you started working here, I haven’t had any problems connecting to the server or getting to my stuff, it’s been great! We’re glad to have you here!” I must say, it’s good to be appreciated!

I think a large part of succeeding in a job involving technical support of end-users (or anyone, really) is not only being able to communicate at a technical level that they understand without using jargon (or explaining simpler jargon sometimes if it’s common and worth teaching for the future), but being responsive, positive, and helpful without being condescending. It’s the attitude, almost more than the act of fixing a problem (not that that isn’t important!), that gives people the positive experience and satisfaction with the service, whether they voice it or not. If they don’t voice it, that’s just fine, if they were unhappy they would certainly be voicing that, so silence is golden. But expressed appreciation; that’s platinum!