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March 19th, 2007 at 11:21 am Print This Post Print This Post

Nursery Checkin Moving This Week

Well, this week I’m moving our Parent Pager Plus nursery check-in system to its location in our new building, to be up and running by Sunday.  We have six stations moving about half the distance across our building.  Each station is currently on a 4′ long folding table, with the computer, network switch, and battery backup underneath, and printer, label printer, proximity card reader, touch-screen monitor, and mouse/keyboard on top.  The table is covered by custom made tablecloths that hang down just to the floor (my mom made them…go mom!) and the last two times we’ve had to move the stations, it took a long time to re-straighten all the cables, organize them with cable ties, and do everything needed to get them back to their near-perfect state of existence (granted, they stay that way for less than a week until they’re actually used, but they’re better than they would be otherwise).  Ought to be fun this time.  And by fun, I mean, “I’d rather be writing a blog entry, so that’s why you’re reading this.”  Yes, the sarcasm’s so thick it’s palpable sometimes.  Now, what else on my to-do list have I been putting off for a while just for today…?  (Well, I’ll have to take a break for our Senior Pastor’s office birthday party this afternoon!)