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April 3rd, 2007 at 11:16 pm Print This Post Print This Post

Granger today, Conference tomorrow

Today (Tue) I drove up to Granger, IN with my family to hang out with Jason Powell, Ed Buford, and Kyle Sagarsee at Granger Community Church for the afternoon! We had a blast, I learned a ton of stuff and got to see their digs first hand. Jason and the gang are one of the friendliest bunches of geeks you could want to meet, and they have some cool toys to play with. They’re level of technical excellence is a step above where I want to be at Lakeview, even though they don’t have everything figured out either (who does?).

Tomorrow, a friend (and Lakeview volunteer) and I are going to the Network World LIVE Conference in Chicago, IL. We’re both staying at a nearby hotel in Chicago tonight with our families. This has been planned for a while, but the trip to Granger was an added bonus that struck me as a good on-the-way stop. The conference will have to be pretty good to equal the benefit and experience of visiting GCC; I’m not holding my breath. It sounds very good, but visiting with other church IT folks seems to be extra special compared to “general” IT, not to knock them of course. Geeks are geeks to some extent!

Gotta get to bed ASAP now so I can make it to the conference…it’s 7:30 am to after 6 pm, so it should be a long day!