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HP ProCurve 1700 series: small, cheap, managed!

Just a quick note that HP ProCuve has some new (since I last checked) web-managed (but still VLAN-capable) switches, the 1700 series. The 1700-8G is a 10/100 8-port switch, and the 1700-24G is a 24-port model of the same, which also has two dual-personality ports (ports 23 and 24 are copper Ethernet ports by default, but you can buy the “personality” expansion GBICs to turn them into fiber ports). The price point on these is very low, to the point where you could use them in an office as a workgroup switch when you couldn’t run another home-run to your network closet (or your facilities guy complained about having to make home runs everywhere) but you need the flexibility of multiple VLANs at the very edge of your network. These are the “little brothers” to the older 1800 series, the 1800-8G and 1800-24G. I’m using two of the 1800-8Gs and one of the 1800-24Gs, the main difference is that the 1800 series is all Gigabit and the 1700 series is 10/100. But you save half the cost of the Gigabit models, where you know you won’t need Gigabit.

I’d love to put the Gigabit or even 10/100 regular managed switches with all the SNMP and other “big network” goodness including 802.1X security and all the bells and whistles everywhere I need an extra port, but I’m probably going to have to pick up at least one 1700-series switch in the very near future to pick up the slack until the additional home runs I want become a reality. At least I’m still getting a lifetime warranty, and I’ve never had a single problem with any of the ProCurve switches I’ve purchased (not so with Linksys!). Even the 408 switches that I’ve purchased for the same purpose (but unmanaged) in the past have been rock-solid, and they replaced some pretty flaky Linksys workgroup switches!