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April 27th, 2007 at 11:19 pm Print This Post Print This Post

I’m Still Here

Work was crazy leading up to our new building’s grand opening.  The good part?  We made it!  We had a major advertising supplement in the local paper, which was copied on their website.  Our Marketing and Communications department released our new website design in time..  However, while not “bad,” things have actually gotten crazier since then.  All the small projects that were left undone to prepare for grand opening, now they have to get done.  Offices have to be moved (including mine, soon!) into the new building.  New Sharp color copiers/printers were installed last week (I’ll have to post about them soon, they rock!).  And the obligatory computers that aren’t working properly and need to be fixed keep popping up, new specialized computers still need to be configured (I’ve started testing the demo of Fortres Grand lockdown software and it looks pretty good so far, details coming); you know, the usual and then some.  (Oh yeah, did I mention public wifi needs to be up by the middle of next month?)  Exciting and fun, but not much time to post!

Normally, I’d just spend some time at home posting.  Of course, at the same time as all of the above is going on at Lakeview, my wife and I are building a house (just made all the final design selections today!) and I have a bit of homework for a class I’m taking due this coming Monday (okay, “bit of” is an understatement :-)

For all these reasons…I’ll be back soon.  The homework can’t wait any longer.  I’ve enjoyed reading all the Church IT Roundtable posts and they’ve made excellent diversions from schoolwork for as long as possible :-)