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May 19th, 2007 at 11:59 pm Print This Post Print This Post

New Office: Moved!

I’ve been assigned a new office, in our new building.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that before, I may have.  But it was official just over a week ago…although I haven’t had time to move.  Until today!  My mom and dad joined my wife and son (although he mainly just enjoyed the stroller rides up and down the elevator at 4.5 months :-) at the church today and spent just over five hours helping me move so much furniture that I don’t even want to remember it all right now, along with all the rest of the contents of my old office to my new one!  Amazing how much stuff I had, um, stuffed (pun intended!) into that old space!

We left with my office set up enough to work in on Monday (so the computer is up and running on the network).  I feel both tired and accomplished.  If I hadn’t moved today, it would’ve been a couple of weeks at least before I’d have any weekday time to even think about moving much of anything.  I’ll post some pictures when I have the layout finalized a bit more and my new workroom next door is cleaned up (that’s where the non-furniture went for now).  And a big Thank You to goes to my family for all the help!  That thank-you is on top of the grilled dinner we served at our apartment afterwards!