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May 22nd, 2007 at 9:27 am Print This Post Print This Post

MozyPro Initial Backup: Exchange and SQL Issues

I’ve decided to follow-the-blog-leader and try out MozyPro for online backup. I set up our account last night (make sure to contact them and get the 10% non-profit discount!) and decided to try out backing up our Exchange/Shelby server first, since that dataset should be a lot smaller than our file server. Everything went smoothly, except that the Exchange Server and SQL Server Backup Sets both showed 0 files, 0 bytes to back up. I figured this was related to Jason’s issue where filesize is not displayed correctly. I included a couple of gigabytes of other files as well, then I started the backup and went home.

This morning, I find the backup complete, and additional incremental backups have also been made throughout the night. However, when looking at the backup history, it shows that the initial backup only transferred 2.2 GB of data — far, far less than our Exchange and Shelby SQL databases! About the size of the other files I’d chosen, in fact.

So, no Exchange or SQL backup happened at all. I called MozyPro’s technical support this morning. They answer the phones quickly, and have escalated the issue to a developer because everything looks like it should be working. I have C, D, and E hard disk partitions on this server, with D containing the SQL installation and database and E containing the Exchange installation and database. It’s all hardware-based SCSI RAID, which looks like regular disks to Windows, nothing special there. Yet for some reason the backup client is not detecting either product for backup. Beyond this issue, I’m happy with MozyPro so far and I’m actual glad I get to test their support early on. I’ve been using Mozy personally for several days at home, and I’ve been very impressed with the free version, and may upgrade to the unlimited version at some point soon!