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Double Dutch, aka IT Has A Foreign Volunteer!

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We have a couple visiting from the Netherlands (from the church our choir on tour helped plant in an indirect way, over two missions trips) on vacation for a month (vacations in Europe make me a bit jealous :-) The husband’s name is Jeroen (pronounced something like “jerOOn”) and he has a web development and IT background, and he’s helping me Monday through Thursday starting last Monday, through August 2nd. We’ve been staying very busy, which is why I haven’t had the opportunity to post much lately. We’ve accomplished a lot in just a week, including getting the Youth Internet Cafe up and running finally, and moving the nursery check-in system to another wall per leadership’s request. Both projects need at least two people, so having a second pair of hands has been great, not to mention that just having another IT person around has been wonderful!

I’m waiting to have a few spare minutes to post the details of the internet cafe. We decided at the last minute to test (and then use) the recently-released Microsoft Windows SteadyState rather than the Fortres Grand software we were evaluating (Microsoft does the same functions good enough for us, for free). But that’s for another post! We’ve off to finish mounting the cafe computers to the wall, and then run some network wires with another volunteer, do some web stuff…keeping busy!