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July 18th, 2007 at 8:44 am Print This Post Print This Post

Whew…I’m not Egypt!

Over the past two days I noticed that my FeedBurner subscribers dropped by close to half! I thought maybe I was Egypt and people were on an exodus from my blog! Nope, it was me…on Sunday I turned off the feed redirection plugin (that sends all subscribers to my WordPress feed to FeedBurner’s feed) to troubleshoot an issue where FeedBurner wasn’t updating my feed because it wasn’t validating. (Turns out a plugin had put a bad character in the feed somewhere.) Then, I promptly forgot to re-activate the redirection! Apparently half my subscribers are using my site feed :-)

I apologize if you were affected by this (it may have done something like caused all my recent posts to reload in your feed reader, but I’m not sure exactly). It has been fixed and everyone should be using the FeedBurner feed again now, directly or indirectly.

Just a teaser; upcoming posts might be on things like: Windows SteadyState, Meraki Mini mesh networking, using WordPress as a CMS. All I still need to write, some I’m done and can write about and others I’m either working on or will be in the next week. Just have to find the time to document!