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And Then There Were Few

in: People

Monday and Tuesday this week we hosted one of Integrity’s Seminars4Worship conferences at Lakeview, which was well-attended and from all accounts was an even bigger success than the last time we hosted them. This time we had free wireless internet, which was well-used, and there was only once when people had some connectivity issues which I believe were related to the firewall and/or cable modem and were easily fixed (good old power cycle!).

After all the people early in the week, we now are in the midst of General Council for the Assemblies of God, being held in Indianapolis this year. We’re a bit too small to hold the thousands of attendees at Lakeview, so it’s actually pretty quiet both at Lakeview and at the District Office this week, for some odd reason :-) As an outreach set up to coincide with General Council, Convoy of Hope is going to distribute tons of food to the community on Saturday. Lakeview has hosted two events in the past (Day of Blessings and Day of Blessings 2) with Convoy of Hope where we distributed food to thousands right from our parking lot, and it looks like this outreach is going to be even bigger: bigger venue, multiple churches, lots of people.

That’s the long and short of it. Lots of people at the beginning of the week, very few around the end of the week. And some posts on web hosting coming soon, because I’ve taken on a project (well, several related projects) that mean more work and more fun!