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Microsoft Outlook 2007 PDF Preview – Now Part of Adobe Reader 8.1

A while back I wrote a post about a nice, free Outlook 2007 PDF Previewer plugin so you could preview PDF documents within Outlook just like the preview for images and other Office documents that comes built-in. That post is possibly my most popular entry of all time! Apparently a lot of people search Google for information on adding PDF preview capabilities to Outlook 2007. This traffic will likely come to an end, because Ryan Gregg, the original author of the free add-in that provided this functionality, has updated his entry removing the download, because Adobe has apparently included this functionality in their Adobe Reader 8.1 release. In memory of the useful plugin, I’ll say: So long, and thanks for all the fish! (At least it has a happy ending.)

Update in April 2008: If you don’t like the Adobe Reader software, try using Foxit Reader, a free alternative that loads much more quickly. Outlook 2007 PDF Preview is not built in, but Tim Heuer has used Foxit to create Previewer add-ons for Outlook 2007 that work in both Windows XP and Windows Vista. See my original post here about Outlook 2007 PDF Previewer that I updated with links to all of these!