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September 6th, 2007 at 4:06 pm

Church IT Podcast Episode 15: Complete

Well, Church IT Podcast Episode 15 is in the bag, with some good discussion on VLANs, DHCP Relay, and web content filtering. I got the show notes wiki page updated with some notes and links I remember now, having just finished the podcast, but others will hopefully fill in the blanks I forgot about! To my knowledge the podcast is the only place you can hear yours truly online via audio. I’ve been a listener and contributor to the live podcast for all of its life I believe, although I had to miss a few episodes in the middle. I usually find some topic to try and speak somewhat intelligently on (whether I succeed is another matter!) in each podcast I’m a part of, but I always get more useful tips from the others than I could possibly contribute, which is as it should be for a collaborative “conference call” style environment.

One tool mentioned in the podcast this time is called Remote Task Manager, which is a remote control (at a granular level, not just a remote desktop viewer tool) for networked PCs. It sounds very useful and worth checking out the demo when I have the time!