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September 11th, 2007 at 8:30 am Print This Post Print This Post

Our House Is Almost Ours!

Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I did our final inspection of the house that we are building. The last few things are being fixed by tomorrow, and we close later this week! This will be a busy weekend but I am looking very much forward to being out of our apartment! I haven’t posted much about the house building process (just once at the beginning and once when they framed it, and I never even posted pictures!) here but it has been an exciting six months.

I promise I will post at least a picture of the front very soon, after we close (and maybe after we paint/move, because that’s going to keep me busy!). It’s a very modest size house but we love it. It has four bedrooms (smaller rooms with the square footage of many three bedroom houses) and will give me the opportunity to have a home office while still giving us room for family expansion (not that those plans are concrete in any general direction yet). Because we built it (through Beazer), we got to select the design options and all that fun stuff (the floor plan was selected very much by price), and watching it come together has been very cool. And all the options actually look good together, so credit to my wife there! :-) But, by building, we also subjected ourselves to a six month wait that is finally nearing its end. It’s been a long six months!

We’ve been blessed to work with some great Beazer people at our particular community. Through observation it appears most of the Beazer folks we have worked with day-to-day are fellow Christians, and they are also good people doing good work that I am very impressed by. Our Realtor even said at the inspection that the minor cosmetic fixes needed were far less than she’s seen on many new homes, so they put a lot of work and care into this thing. I can’t speak for Beazer as a company as much as these specific people we have worked with, but I am very impressed with them. It feels like we have a relationship with them, and we’re not just customers. And that makes a huge difference to me in any transaction.