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September 13th, 2007 at 5:35 pm Print This Post Print This Post

The House That Is and Almost Is

Well, we went to closing at 3pm today on our new house. Everything started out fine, it took about a half-an-hour to sign all the paperwork, and another 20 minutes to “make copies” before we were told that due to some back-end stuff (everything’s fine on our end) the loan was taking a little longer to “fund” and it apparently has to fund before they can give us the keys. They told us it would close before 5 pm and to run some local errands. I dropped my wife off to feed our son at my in-laws and rushed back at 4:55 pm and they said that the loan now isn’t going to fund until tomorrow morning at 9:30. And no one explained the details of the funding process or even mentioned that there was any possibility we wouldn’t get the keys immediately following closing, until after we signed all the papers and they told us about the problem.

As you might imagine, my wife and I are very frustrated right now, owning a house they won’t give us the keys to. We already took the afternoon off work to go to the closing, and had the entire evening planned including eating our first meal in our new house, moving some boxes, and starting to tape and lay drop-cloths for the painting we are going to do tomorrow and Saturday. Now I have to take additional time off work, drive across town again in the morning, with my wife since apparently there’s a paper we signed a long time ago that’s changed that we both have to re-sign, and then finally get the keys, in time for me to have to back to work for the rest of the day.

Our Realtor may get the keys and paperwork moved to her office, closer to us, in the morning, but we’d have to wait an hour later to do that so we’ll see what happens. It’s just one big, unexpected wrench in the works that we’re very unhappy about. We’ll wait and see how they choose to compensate us for the day’s worth of interest they’re charging us for a house we can’t get into.