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October 28th, 2007 at 11:47 pm Print This Post Print This Post

Pictures of SteadyState Internet Cafe Computers

I’ve been promising pictures of the Youth Internet Cafe running Firefox and Microsoft SteadyState but first I forgot, then I took the pictures and didn’t upload them, then I uploaded them recently but haven’t posted yet. Oh well. They’re here now! I uploaded nine photos to Flickr, you can see them all in the Lakeview’s Youth Internet Cafe set. Here are a couple:

Closeup of Youth Internet Cafe monitor and desktop.

Two of Youth Internet Cafe workstations

So far it’s holding up to the abuse and none of the systems have been hacked that I know of! At our recent Volunteer Dinner, the workstations served double-duty as aquariums. Well, I put an ocean-with-fish screensaver on each system to help complement the overall ocean party theme. It worked pretty well! I didn’t take any photos, but the screensavers are still installed. So you can expect pictures of a re-creation in the next ten years, unless the computers are replaced before that. Ha ha.