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October 30th, 2007 at 12:00 am Print This Post Print This Post

Lakeview’s Make You Known Worship CD Debuts Worldwide NOW!

Make You Known CD Released!Today, October 30th, is an exciting day for Lakeview! Our worship team, Lakeview Worship, has recorded a live worship album approximately every year since 2001. I was deeply involved with the earlier projects even more than the recent ones; that was years before I started working for Lakeview. Each of the CDs was produced and released in-house, and all of them went around the world in really amazing ways.

But this CD is the first one released worldwide, in 166 countries I’m told, under the Integrity Music label. The idea is, most stores carrying Christian music will likely carry our CD. It’s called Make You Known, and there are 30 second clips from all the tracks available where it’s for sale on our own Lakeview Worship website. I just turned the new Lakeview Worship online store loose today after converting it over to a new shopping cart system. The entire website is getting a facelift soon, but the store was redone in time (barely) for the new CD release. And now that I’ve given you behind-the-scenes information you can’t get anywhere else (on the web), you’re going to buy it, right? Or, just click the Listen Now link to hear the clips. Aren’t you thankful I’m telling you this way rather than the email-a-friend link at the Lakeview Worship site where the person sending the most emails gets an iPod Touch? ‘Cause I’m not… ;-)