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December 21st, 2007 at 2:17 pm Print This Post Print This Post

I Hate My New Office

OK, that’s a bit of sensationalism there in the headline! I actually love my new (from new building) office (bigger, with an attached workroom), but there are a few minor downsides to being located in the very middle of the building (that’s good), at least a sixty second walk away from everyone (that’s good and bad). (No offense to Josh, our Technical Director, who does actually just work down the hall “next to me”; I’m generalizing, not leaving you out! And there are a couple of other people slightly less than sixty seconds away, but they’re not in earshot.) One of those downsides is that when the office is closed halfway through the day as an early holiday treat, people often (and by often, I mean it happened today and I think it’s happened once in the past) forget to tell you to go home. Of course, the upside (I suppose) is I actually have enough work to keep me busy all day…

This doesn’t always happen; I have been included on this via phone announcement before, and I think they even remembered to tell me personally once. Actually, that may have been for a group lunch, not for a go-home-early party. At least they have remembered before… :-)