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January 31st, 2008 at 12:29 am Print This Post Print This Post

Hide and Seek Mouse

Yesterday, I was packing up my laptop from the coffee table to take with to work. I had placed the wireless mouse I use into its case and on top of the mouse pad I use, next to the laptop (I pack the mouse after my power cord, which was still plugged in). When I went to put the mouse and mouse pad in my bag, they were gone! I knew I had used them the previous night after everyone had gone to bed. Nathaniel had to be the one who moved them! But where?

After searching every room of the house for about five minutes, I called my wife (on her way to work already) and asked if she had any ideas. None. More looking. I call my mom to see where she was at, since she was on her way here to pick up Nathaniel, and asked if she had any ideas. “Did you check the drawer of the coffee table?”

Duh. No! Of course I hadn’t checked the place Nathaniel constantly puts everything from pens to coasters to remote controls! Sure enough…he’s never moved my mouse or mouse pad before (and knows better than to touch them if he remembers), but apparently that changed. A few seconds later they were packed and ready to go. But who knew moving a mouse and mouse pad five inches lower than their previous location could cause so much trouble, and hilarity?! :-D

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