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April 1st, 2008 at 5:18 pm Print This Post Print This Post


I’ve intentionally stayed away from using Twitter for a while (not that I haven’t had an account!); it’s just one more thing to deal with and I already have enough profiles, blogs, and other random accounts. But it seems to be getting more popular among some Church IT bloggers, and I’m starting to miss things by not following ‘tweets! So I set up a new Twitter account today (I’ll leave my old one private and locked), called dszp. Why? In addition to the above, because it’s easy to update via Google Talk and especially SMS texting, it will make it easier to provide updates in between blog posts while I’m at MinistryTECH and the Church IT Roundtable this week, especially when I’m not at a computer (or when I don’t feel like taking the time to boot mine up).

I’ve put my recent ‘tweets in the right sidebar of this blog for quick reference. My flight leaves Indianapolis at 8:15 tomorrow morning and I arrive (supposedly) at 11:10 am Oklahoma local time. Once I get my rental I’ll likely try to track down the megachurch tour in progress, hopefully for lunch and the tour’s second half, but we’ll see how things pan out. You’d think I’d have a better handle on this stuff, leaving in the morning and all…