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April 4th, 2008 at 4:46 pm

MinistryTECH Winding Down

The second and last day of MinistryTECH is almost over. The tail-end of the Megachurch Tour was good on Wednesday and some of the Crown Hotel group had some good discussion both of the previous two nights in the Northwoods hotel room. Unfortunately, my throat has been pretty sore at the end of this cold that just won’t let go, so I’m not operating at peat performance. If only I could clean out my system with a quick A/V scan…fortunately, it gets better daily!

Anyway, I’ve been twittering a lot but haven’t booted my laptop up much (phone is much easier to carry around). I have been making some good connections, learning some good things about the possibilities of SonicWALL devices (both firewall and data backup), and trying not to hack up a lung. The conference has been great!

Ian Beyer has been (and is at this moment) streaming video from the sessions via uStream with his “parrot cam” (web cam taped to his shoulder). Excellent!

I’ll have more to post later once I’ve processed it, beyond the very active Twitter tweets from a lot of people here! Meanwhile, focusing on people and less on blogging/computer stuff has been really good! (There. I said it. :-)