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The Post that Won’t Die: Previewing PDFs in Outlook 2007

The most popular post, nay, page on this site is my post on the Outlook 2007 PDF Previewer add-on that has since been pulled from circulation due to Adobe Reader building the feature into version 8.1. Additionally, Tim Heuer wrote a similar PDF preview utility utilizing the Foxit PDF engine, which is much faster than Adobe Reader in my experience. I just finished updating my post again to link to the Foxit versions of the utility as well, since that post overshadows even hits to my homepage by a wide margin it’s still so popular! Apparently searching Google for how to preview PDFs in Outlook 2007 is quite a popular pastime. If you want links to all that stuff, this is a reminder you can head over to my original post to find them all! This is just a reminder and a note that I’ve updated the post yet again to keep it useful for everyone.