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Find Ribbon Commands Easily with Office 2007 Search Commands Add-in

When I moved from Office 2003 to Office 2007, personally, I had a learning curve like everyone else when I had to figure out where all the commands I knew had gone! I adjusted rather quickly and I think the new “Ribbon” in Office 2007 organizes commands in a much more logical fashion than previous versions. I’ve adjusted, but even now sometimes there’s a command I’m just not sure where to find, or what it’s called. That’s where this great little add-in, still in pre-release, comes in. It’s called Search Commands from Microsoft Labs, and it just adds another item to the Ribbon in Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 that resembles the live search box in Vista or Windows Desktop Search in XP but instead helps you locate the menu option you’re looking for! I’ve tried it briefly in Word and it seems very helpful. I’m probably going to give it a better workout soon, but I really, really like the Start Menu search-to-launch system in Vista, which does bias me towards this other “search to help” tool…it’s well done!

Don’t forget, it’s pre-release code right now and it requires Vista or XP 32-bit editions only right now, and of course Office 2007 (works with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint only). That said, check it out if you can!