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May 5th, 2008 at 11:16 pm Print This Post Print This Post

JesusGeek Podcast Interviews Me about WordPress for Church Website

Given that I’ve never been interviewed before, I’m probably taking the risk of sounding incredibly dumb in public (well, I took that risk already but now I’m doing more damage by telling you about it!) by mentioning that I was interviewed for the JesusGeek Podcast. John Wilkerson, aka Jesus Geek, was interested in how we have used WordPress as Lakeview Church’s web content mangement system so he asked me to fill him and his listeners in on the details. I’ll be listening to the podcast episode tomorrow (I’ve been catching up on some of his past episodes recently and have picked up some good tips!), so you can listen right along with me on your own commute :-)

If you don’t use a podcatcher such as iTunes to subscribe to podcasts, you can subscribe in Google Reader and stream episodes from your web browser, in addition to just downloading the MP3 file from the JesusGeek post directly.

The interview was complicated by a few connection losses while recording, so if the audio sounds awesome John gets the credit for making it work anyway, and if it has any issues, blame me! I also lost my notes about which WordPress plugins I was going to talk about in my XP-to-Vista conversion on my laptop and didn’t realize it until we were recording, so that was a bit more off-the-cuff than I had intended. Live and learn!