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July 30th, 2008 at 11:33 pm

First post from my iPhone

I know, it’s just the obligatory first post from new mobile device. Nothing special. So far I’m enjoying the iPhone immensely, and typing isn’t great but it’s not bad, especially in text fields where you can type a word and hot space , and let the phone autocorrect your spelling! It’s pretty smart but not perfect. Seems to be acceptable for everyday use. AT&T is having problems getting my data plan active so I have wifi and no text messaging either for the time being, but they supposedly will have that taken care of tomorrow perhaps. It’s a very old account, I’m not surprised there’s some cruft in there!

I’m using the free WordPress app to compose this post on the iPhone and it seems to be pretty solid so far but it needs some more features like page editing capabilities and not just posts. In time. For now it is good!