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July 31st, 2008 at 7:00 am

Don’t Buy An EqualLogic SAN…

…Unless you get it from Jason Powell! He’s the IT Director at Granger Community Church, but when the moon is out he’s selling EqualLogic for VR6 Systems and he loves giving churches and non-profits good discounts! (He’ll probably give you a good deal even if you’re not at a church, too, especially if you get on his good side. And I’ve never seen his bad side!) You can contact him through the information on his blog or you can look for him in the Church IT Roundtable IRC channel (#citrt on Freenode, go to Mibbit and connect to the Freenode network, #citrt channel with a nickname of your choice to stop by and say hi without installing any software–all web browser based! Also, long-time IRC regular Justin Moore is going to be working at Granger starting next week…congrats Justin!). You really need to talk to him first before you talk to anyone else, because of the way Dell does pricing. Really. I mean it. I don’t have an EqualLogic SAN but I’ve seen Jason demo one in person and it’s quite amazing! The only reason I don’t have one is lack of funding!

Also, the Church IT Roundtable Fall 2008 is coming up in October, but the registration price goes from $50 to $75 if you don’t register by August 8th! The actual Roundtable is October 8th and 9th, but there are pre- and post-activites planned for the day on either side if you can make it (see the schedule). My plans aren’t firm yet, but my wife and I will likely both be there!