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MozyPro: Working Now with One Last Fix

MozyPro required one last change to work properly, after hanging during the initial backup: changing the temporary files directory per Jason Powell. I’ve had to do this on both of the servers where I’ve installed MozyPro, due to the C drive (temporary files are stored in C:\Windows\Temp by default) not having enough free space. After the fix, one server completed its backup just fine, and the other has restarted but it just hasn’t been long enough to tell since I just fixed it today. I’m reposting Jason’s steps to the fix for my own reference (I’m pretty sure he got them from Mozy so I don’t feel too bad stealing them :-) If MozyPro would automatically detect a low level of temporary space based on the files to back up, that would be a big improvement and time saver!

How to change the default temp directory for MozyPro:

  1. Make sure you’re running Mozy or later. (You can the latest version at http://mozy.com/downloads/mozysetup.exe)
  2. Create a new folder for Mozy to build its files in. Most people use something like D:\mozytemp\
  3. Open your registry editor by click the Start menu, then Run, and typing ‘regedit’. Click OK.
  4. Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\mozypro\options
  5. Right click the right pane and click New->String Value
  6. Change the new value’s name to tempdir
  7. Right click the value and select Edit (or double-click on it).
  8. Change the value to the name of the folder you created. (If you created D:\mozytemp\, make the value ‘D:\mozytemp\’)
  9. Save the changes and close the registry editor.
  10. Open a command prompt (click the Start menu, then Run, and type ‘cmd’. Click OK.)
  11. Type “net stop mozybackup” and hit Enter
  12. Type “net start mozybackup” and hit Enter.

NOTE from Jason: steps 11 & 12 didn’t work for me so I just went into Admin Tools->Services and restarted the mozy service. (David says: same for me.)