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July 24th, 2007 at 8:49 am Print This Post Print This Post

Off to do some Mesh Networking with Meraki

Today I’m going up to the Assemblies of God Indiana District campgrounds with volunteer Jeroen to install and test some mesh networking made by Meraki. They just got a satellite internet connection (their only affordable option due to location) last week and need to populate the internet access to several locations on the campgrounds, probably using seven or eight Meraki Mini devices. One of them connects to the internet connection, the others are placed within range of the first one, or just within range of any of the others (up to three hops away I believe), extending internet access to the entire coverage area!

If they had a second internet connection, “injecting” another point of internet access would be an option, and the network would automatically send traffic to the best internet access point. Thus, the mesh part of mesh networking. I’ve been wanting to try the Meraki products for a while, so I’m excited! More details to come when we’re done!

The trip to the campgrounds is about two hours each way, so we’ll only have three or four hours of actual set up and testing time.